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HSIA : sim

​​​​​​​​​​State Innova​tion Model (SIM)


SIM Overview


As part of the State Innovation Model funding opportunity from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI), the state of Maryland received funding to engage in a planning process to develop the Community-Integrated Medical Home (CIMH) model.  This model of care will integrate patient-centered medical care with community-based resources while enhancing the capacity of local health entities to monitor and improve the health of individuals and their communities as a whole.  The state of Maryland is committed to designing the CIMH based on input from a wide range of health care stakeholders.

Through a stakeholder engagement process, we developed the details of the model and devised an innovation plan to guide its implementation.  ​A payer and provider engagement process was used to develop programmatic standards and administrative structures for the CIMH. Second, local health improvement coalitions (LHICs), which are panels of local health departments, hospitals, physicians, community organizations, and other local entities, were engaged to develop plans for the integration of  community health with medical care and build capacities at the local level for health planning and hot-spotting of areas with inefficient use of health services.

Stakeholder meeting agendas and materials may be found in the right sidebar.

Near the end of the six-month funding period, a summit was held to finalize policy decisions from the dual processes and to develop a comprehensive innovation plan.

Please review the recently submitted Maryland State Healthcare Innovation Plan and provide feedback during the public comment period.

In order to provide all interested parties sufficient time to review the State Healthcare Innovation Plan and provide comments, the Department has extended the deadline for comments until Monday April 28. Please send all comments and questions to

Click here to access the State Healthcare Innovation Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions & Comments
What is SIM?
SIM stands for the "State Innovation Model" initiative sponsored by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. More information can be found here:
What is the difference between the SIM Model Testing award, the SIM Model Design award, and the State Healthcare Innovation Plan?
The SIM Model Design award is a planning grant. Maryland was one of 16 states that received this award. The State Healthcare Innovation Plan is the main deliverable for this planning grant. The SIM Model Testing award is an implementation grant which, if awarded to Maryland, would fund the implementation of parts of the State Healthcare Innovation Plan.
How will public comments be used? Is it worth commenting if the Plan has already been submitted to CMS?
Public comments will be used to inform DHMH’s proposal to CMS for the SIM Model Testing award.
When will DHMH submit its proposal to CMS for the SIM Model Testing award?
CMS has not yet announced when it will release the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for the Model Testing award.
The Innovation Plan seems very ambitious. How will one Federal award fund it all?
According to the terms of the SIM Model Design award, the Innovation Plan is meant to articulate a broad vision of where the State would like to go in order to advance population health. It is meant to be ambitious and, per CMS, not constrained by the parameters of any particular funding source or grant.
No one Federal award is likely to be able to fund it all. However, in articulating the vision, the Innovation Plan helps to sharpen the focus on what the possible funding sources might be, including -- but not limited to -- SIM Model Testing, and to align those future funding proposals with the Innovation Plan.
The Innovation Plan is interesting from a conceptual perspective, but how will DHMH actually implement it?
The Innovation Plan is meant to be a high-level conceptual document. As the Department pursues a variety of funding streams to implement different parts of the Innovation Plan, operational details will be developed as part of those funding proposals.